The internet is a funny thing. 

First Ben mentions fitness blogs on his facebook page. Then you start a blog. Then you find that you’re not alone. You meet people who are weird and quirky and twisty and funny. Suddenly a stranger is picking you up at the airport so you can run in a new, foreign place. You like it. You like them. You meet more people. You’re not alone at all. You might even be happy.

These people are lovely. They become your friends, your best friends, your family.

I had a great weekend, but I knew I would.

  1. runsforredvelvet said: Aww :)
  2. chrystimoreorless said: The Internet is a magical place :-)
  3. beachyrunner replied:
  4. runningwithguts said: I mean, you’re OKAY. Okay? Okay.
  5. robownslife said: Hell to the yeah!
  6. inasoutherlydirection said: love you!
  7. lojogetsfaster said: Word.
  8. strengthgained said: Love this.
  9. thisfearlesslife said: this was lovely
  10. jbizzle329 said: You such a turd.
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