So this jerk wants to know what woolies are.

I was curious, so I Googled what came up when I searched woolies.

  1. Though they are wooly, it’s not llamas. I didn’t put llama’s on to go out for a run.
  2. What the hell is this? I had to look at it so you all do too.
  3. These are woolies. Wool socks. Socks made of wool. Warm and itchy with a red stripe at the top. The loveliest of all winter footwear.

Do you need a pair? You can borrow some of mine.

  1. funnyrunner said: See! I told you Google was coming up with bizarre crap. I’m allergic to wool. Does this mean they won’t let me in Canada?
  2. rookcanrun said: #2, what in the fuck? Also, I think there is still some mileage left in the wagon thing (kilometers?)
  3. tallmormon said: This makes me want to het into furries
  4. michaelontherun replied:
  5. jrfred said: Have you taken the wagon thing too far? No its probably fine. You’re doing it right. You only live once. There I think I covered them all.
  6. shortmom said: new tumblr: furryrunner
  7. thetikistyle said: I hate itchy woolies…
  8. jbizzle329 said: My favorite.
  9. thisfearlesslife said: I wore my woolies yesterday!
  10. runningwithguts said: Omgsh #2. PlzYES. Has to happen. (It already happened? Is that ACTUALLY us?)
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