When you wake up in the morning after a night filled with nightmares about knives and running and hieroglyphics, is it normal to want a corndog pizza? No? K cool.


Last night, ‘I’ said I would run some miles today. I clearly lied. I didn’t have the energy this morning to pull my running slacks on over my sexy soul sucking quads. Instead, I  probably made a breakfast with an assortment of the usual shit, definitely texted with Beachy (she’s like, so awesome), likely pulled some other slacks on over my muscular set of calves, certainly decided that Smitty probably is a good kisser even with the beard, and reluctantly headed out the door to work.

Your take away from this post should be that my legs are gorgeous. Der.

  1. runsforredvelvet said: love this.
  2. jrfred said: Let’s meet somewhere in the middle and eat a corndog pizza…and trade sweaters…and something about a wagon
  3. mar-kicksass said: You are one strange lady! :)
  4. lifechangeneededaisle3 said: Corndog?? Are you American now? So disappointed :( It’s a POGO!!!! :D
  5. funnyrunner said: That pizza makes me want to hurl. It has “bad idea” written all over it.
  6. runningwithguts said: I would not consider eating said corndog pizza. #unpopularopinion
  7. x-opher said: I would eat that corndog pizza without even thinking about it…
  8. mr-smit said: There’s no probably about whether or not I’d eat that corndog pizza. Only definites.
  9. beachyrunner said: this post is weird, brah. cursor dancing over the unfollow button.
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