Drove to Indy, met up with good people, gave Pump a shoe massage and talked about sports (“Hey I drove by that stadium that has the logo you have tattooed on your arm.”), ate pizza (to be regretted by all approximately 8-12 hours later), ran with Brooke, told her that her hair looked fine under her hat, didn’t kiss the bricks, got through some tough bits together, watched a neon man dance like nobody was watching despite the very opposite, drove 8 hours and 22 minutes to Toronto, watched Beachy accomplish something great, held signs, heckled runners, got sunburn.

Go away, I’m sleeping for a hundred years.

  1. rookcanrun said: You are the best. The BEST!
  2. funnyrunner said: Real talk: top-notch friend right there.
  3. ottergetsfast said: I has a jealous
  4. shortmom said: that is a shit ton of driving. I shall sing you to sleep.
  5. nutrify said: aww ur a great friend!
  6. beachyrunner said: I don’t think I even noticed what the fox was wearing but she is doing it so freaking right. Ugh.
  7. chrystimoreorless said: Are you in Toronto?!? I expect a meet up when Im in Brampton visiting in laws later this summer.
  8. becky-balances said: You da best. Come back to me.
  9. runningwithpump said: Art.