Things from my evening run and other things unrelated to said run:

  1. I am bad at running again. I did 5k. I moved slowly. I walked some. 
  2. I painted on the weekend. I painted again on Monday. I have been thinking about painting a lot. I like that.
  3. The town smelled like lilacs, fresh cut grass and diesel fumes. Diesel fumes always remind me of small town parades - fire trucks, tractors, hot rods. Nostalgia.
  4. I ran a block beside my friend’s mom on her bicycle.
  5. I forgot waving. Why does waving make me so pleased? Real life, human connections, etc.
  6. My legs burned. I was happy to have them moving but every new road seemed like a Barkley. I’m glad I went out.
  7. I skipped a life drawing class tonight where a co-worker’s husband volunteered to model. It was not okay.
  8. This.
  9. My hair was fantastic today.

  1. funnyrunner said: #Daniellerunsgoofy! - Fixed that for ya.
  2. nutrify said: but you’re back at running!! hooray! loving the hair
  3. fitterisbetter said: Your face makes me happy!
  4. becky-balances said: waving and the runners nod are the best human interactions with strangers I think
  5. thisfearlesslife said: You look like your sistah
  6. runningwithpump said: Art.
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