Sunday Runday

Today’s run recap comes in 3 parts:

  1. I ran out towards the cemetery and visited my grandpa. I took my Around the Bay chip timer off my shoe and left it with him. That man was one of my favourite people; and the source of my dreamy blue ocean eyes. He never got to hear any of my running stories. That man. I am smiling at the thought of seeing him on his chair, an open Reader’s Digest on his lap and a Jay’s game on TV.
  2. At approximately mile 5-6, a kitten began to tailgate me. He looked very much like this. I was out in the country and got worried he would become roadkill, so I walked with him all the way back into town. He didn’t like being picked up but very much enjoyed the inconvenience of weaving between my legs and under my feet. I brought him to my dad who fed him. He’s a bit of a cat whisperer. My dad, though. Look at him. While I was out doing the rest of my miles, the minister from the church next to our house saw him and offered to take him. I’m so glad that little jerk found himself a home.
  3. My last 5 miles were impossibly slow. I’m giving myself a little credit because at no point did I intend on bailing on the run. I was committed to 11 miles, no matter how awful and terrible they felt. My knees feel really creaky. My back hurts. My shoulders are sore. But I did 11 miles. Plus one walking cat mile. 

Now, as promised to myself, an afternoon of Ender’s Game and pantslessness - well earned.

  1. cupcakeconditioning said: Look at you, Dr. Doolittle!
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  6. runningwithguts said: ENDER’S GAME. Yes. I have to find my miles at some point. Evening miles, I suppose. Because 94 degrees.
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