Flashback Friday:

A week of camping and adventuring with the Fox in mid-August. Highlights included Halfway Log Dump, The Grotto, and cheese. I walked across a white rock beach and down through caves that made my heart pound in my throat. The nights were so cold we slept with three layers on, in sleeping bags and with blankets. We went tubing through rapids. I cooked dinner every night like I was a hybrid mix of Gordon Ramsay and Les Stroud.  We ate Beaver Tails. And against all odds, I made a fire.

  1. funnyrunner said: Woah. I sooooo want to visit! And the fire thing- we had issues one night so I had my friend Bobby donate his sock to our cause and used it as a fire starter.
  2. becky-balances said: This makes me want to go to Canada.
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