Flashback Friday: Just look at me.

  1. runningwithguts said: I would know either of those faces anywhere. Even if the littler version WAS blonde.
  2. easybeinggreene said: Would you look at that?!
  3. aheartofiron said: Daaaaaaaaw! Such a munchkin cutie patootie!
  4. runsforredvelvet said: Freaking adorable
  5. jrfred said: Still making weird faces after all these years.
  6. runningbysheds said: Adorable!!! Lookin kinda mischievous too!
  7. uhoh-janellio said: BEST.
  8. thisfearlesslife said: Look at your tiny arms!!!
  9. beachyrunner said: Same faces though. Same faces 20 years later.
  10. inasoutherlydirection said: haven’t changed a bit
  11. jbizzle329 said: Danielledoesblondeandbangs
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